Cloud computing

Every business is leveraging cloud computing in one form or another to lower costs, improve performance and enable innovation and agility. It has enabled even the smallest businesses to leverage services which were previously only available to the largest enterprises at extortionate prices.

Yet most businesses have barely scratched the surface of what cloud computing can do for them.

We can help you get the very best out of cloud computing, by working with you to design, build and deploy bespoke or standardised cloud computing services.

Brightstar benefits

With the scalability and speed of Cloud computing you can expand your IT needs instantly to meet increased requirements, and can also scale it down again when you want to.
Our portfolio of Cloud Services and Cloud Computing Solutions allows you to do more with less, providing a leaner and more efficient IT model with significantly lower fixed costs.
By only paying for what you use and all but eliminating up front hardware costs, cloud computing services represent significant value for money.


Virtual Datacentre

Our Datacentres are complete, in-house solutions with servers, storage, networking technologies, firewalls and all other infrastructure elements delivered as a service, housed in the Cloud in our data centre.

  • Cloud Servers are virtual machines running Linux or Windows® Server in the Brightstar Cloud.
  • Virtual Servers: Virtual servers build on premium hardware. You decide upon Windows or Linux.
  • Dedicated Virtual Server Platform.
  • Store selected files on the internet so you can share them and access them whenever you wish.
  • Network Storage: Secure your data quickly and securely with our Cloud based network storage solution.
  • Database / MySQL Hosting: Host your MySQL Databases on our lightning fast servers, host unlimited databases with unlimited connections and users with the top database hosting solution.
Use Brightstar’s FTP service for the fast and secure transfer of large data files.

Hard drives in data center


Contact us for our comprehensive range of Cloud hosted Services.

Secure and fast website hosting with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Hosted E-Mail: Hosted Email adds mobility to your communications, allowing your employees to access their email from any web browser, email client and mobile.
  • Hosted Exchange: Brightstar’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange can be deployed instantly and provides the best way to share email, calendars and contact information; all as a managed solution for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Mail Bagging Services: When your email server is unavailable, Brightstar’s Mail Bagging solution stores the emails sent to your mail exchange (MX) server and sends them to you when your system is back online, preventing emails from being lost or undeliverable.
Host your MySQL databases on our lightning fast servers with unlimited databases, connections and users.
  • Wireless Management System: As a Ruckus Wireless specialist we use FlexMaster for complete oversight of our supported Wireless networks and components.
  • Content Filtering Services: Brightstar’s solution is designed to be completely flexible and allows you to tailor the filtering to your exact needs.
Cloud-based video conferencing lets you literally see eye-to-eye with your colleagues, customers and partners. Find out more.
Contact Brightstar for all your domain registration needs.

Data Backup

Backup up essential data to our Cloud backup service.

Your data backed up securely in the Cloud.
Your data hosted securely in the Cloud.
Brightstar understand and comply with the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Security Solutions

Choose Brightstar for total security and peace of mind.

Hosted VPN services remove complexity and operational workload from companies with a need to provide remote access for staff and to link multiple locations together as a single wide area network. A Hosted VPN achieves this by delivering VPN as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution where the customer does not have to invest in the infrastructure or equipment and by providing on-demand tools for monitoring and managing VPN services.
Brightstar’s Hosted Firewall Service protects your business by guarding the perimeter of your network while providing inbound and outbound Internet access through a secure managed gateway. Our Cloud Firewall Service prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, prohibits access to inappropriate web content, restricts downloads of infected files, and enables secure use of your network.

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